Battlefield 1918 4th Campaign starts now!

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The Western Front of the First World War was a war of disease-infected trenches, hellacious artillery barrages, toxic gases, early armored beasts, revolutionary duels betweeen knights in the air, and charges of unrestrained courage. Many of Europe's last Empires met their end in last days in no man's land and disorder at home.



Sign Up (you have got register there): http://www.forgottenhonor.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=69235bf1918_banner_700x700.jpg


What is a campaign?



A campaign is a series of connected battles where we recreate the timeline of the war. Here at Forgotten Honor it also means teamplay and organized gameplay. Campaigns take about 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have one 4-hour battle. All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.



How does it all work? Simple! In the beginning of every week our campaign management announces which map will be played that Saturday. Headquarters and officers of each army are responsible for creating plans and strategies which will be used for that map, as well as awarding medals and promotions for last week's battle.



Every army has a training server to use during the week for scouting and practice, as well as their own Teamspeak channels and locked sub-forums (we call them barracks) for communication and entertainment. Everyone can participate in all weekly activities and events as much as they want!



About Battlefield 1918


Battlefield 1918 is a total conversion modification for the highly acclaimed Battlefield 1942. Taking place during the First World War, Battlefield 1918 offers a unique experience in trench, tank, naval, and aerial warfare. Players can play a wide variety of maps with nations including Germany, Austro Hungary, Ottoman Empire, British Commonwealth, Russia, France, Belgium, Italy and more.



About Forgotten Honor


Forgotten Honor is an international gaming community that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for games. Founded in 2004 by several players who wanted to organize ''teamwork'' emphasized battles for video games, Forgotten Honor has been growing until becoming one of the leaders in online events market. Nowadays hosts several tournaments and campaigns for different games, organizes multiple events, has its own modding development unit and is supported by an active community: here




(Source: forgottenhonor.com)


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Battlefield 1918 is back in development.  New Patch v3.2 comming. The Focus of the new content is Eastern Front. New nations, weapons, vehicles and Maps waiting for you!


Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Teaser, mady by ACE:



New Maps Part 1:



New Maps Part 2:



Enjoy the revive of the Battlefield 1918, Mod, tell your friends and community!


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